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Lets see what's going on, from the inside

The Retina is as important to a camera as film. With out a retina or film you would just have a camera body with no way for the lens or the cornea to send the image to our brain. The retina is made of several parts and millions of photo receptors called rods and

cones. These rods and cones haver very specific duties and are place very strategically on the central part of the retina. The central part of the retina where all the action happens is is called the macula. Think of the macula as a hang out for all the photo-receptors (rods and cones). now what is important to understand is the the average healthy eyeball has approximately 7 million cones (central) and 130 million rods (surrounding the cones.) Why have this area checked once a year by an optometrist or ophthalmologist? As we age, so do our eyes. the muscles, veins and all the good stuff that makes up our vision has a tendency of weary down. Your optometrist or ophthalmologist will want to monitor this very sensitive area for any unusual signs. At Custom Eyes, we pride our selves on offering Anti-reflective coatings that ab

sorb harmful blue light. Blue light has been known for quite some time to cause fatigue on the muscles of the eye and what is most frequently referred to as computer eye syndrome

Come in to Custom Eyes and ask any of our licensed opticians about computer eye syndrome or anti fatigue lenses and make sure you have your eyes checked be a professional Optometrist or Ophthalmologist every year. If you do not have an optometrist, we work with friendly and passionate independent optometrist that accept most vision insurances.

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