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Why do contact lens prescriptions expire after a year?

The cornea is made of very soft layers of cells. If damaged, these layers may scar or ulcerate, causing imperfect vision. It is the FDA's reccomendation that contact lens wearers have this area of the eye checked yearly for safer wear.  


Do you accept vision insurance?

Yes! We gladly accept most vision insurance, as well as CareCredit. Although some plans may sound confusing, we have insurance experts ready to guide you in the best bang for buck process.


How long does the exam take?

Usually 15 minutes. We like to schedule in blocks of 20 minutes to ensure a very low-to-NO wait time ratio. This allows our doctor to stay on track, while using exta time for those patients who need it.


What are your warrantees?

30 day unconditional satisfaction guarantee*.Including A-N-Y Doctors Rx. change. Regular-priced frames have a one-year warrantee and our platinum lenses come with a one-year free replacement against ANY damage. *See associate for details


How long does it take to make a pair of  glasses?

Single-vision lenses are usually made while you wait, unless the lenses are out of stock. In that case, it would take 1-3 business days. Progressive lenses may take longer depending on the type of lens and how much work needs to be done to them.


Does the doctor dilate the eyes?

Traditional dilations are available upon request. However, Dr. Tran of Trans-vision, (located inside CustomEyes) recommends using the DRS system (Digital Retinography System). This is an advanced robotic camera system that will take a high-definition picture in 3-D of the back of the eye, all within about 60 seconds. This usually requires NO drops and no lag time.


Do you price match?

We are always happy to price match whenever possible. This may not be the case with insurances, as most insurance companies will have a predetermined co-pay amount that may interfere with our cash specials (which are often at a lower price point than most co-pays).

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