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These SUPER VALUE packages includes a great selection of over 100 frames to choose, scratch-resistant coating and single-vision lenses!  Best of all, our frames are stylish and come with a sixty-day, unconditional satisfaction guarantee! Even more, most single-vision lenses can be made the same day! Looking for even more value? Check out our NON-BILLING PRICES on PREMIUM coatings and treatments

*Mention this add at time of order

Premium lens enhancments

Premium Anti-Reflection (AR)                   $45.    -Enhanced night vision and smudge resistant


NEO Chrome                                             $75    - Protect your eyes from harmful light and ultra violet rays.

Polycarbonate Material                              $40  - Thin, Light weight and most impact resistant lens material

Buy one get one..
Want to make a statement? We proudly carry designer, retro, and luxury frames, but don’t worry; we are a fair market retailer. This means our cash-discounted prices are as low or lower than any major retailer. The CustomEyes Difference, is service! Our regular priced frames all come with a 1-year UNCONDITIONAL BREAKAGE warrantee! This means if your glasses have been broken within a year, we will repair or replace the whole frame at no charge. If you purchase two complete pairs, we will discount the second frame ½ OFF (equal or lesser value).These specials are not available with insurance or third party.

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